Efficiency with DxO PhotoLab
- Appendix -

Appendix for tutorial "Efficiency with DxO PhotoLab".

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Pascal PELÉ - January 2019

« Create keywords with XnViewMP

DxO assumes the photographer manages his images with a cataloging software (Lightroom, DigiKam, iMatch, Photo Supreme, ...). If not, it is still possible to create keywords to sort his photos.

This tutorial is for photographers who do not use a catalog.

Using temporary keywords can be useful in some cases.

* Show photos of a party and be sure that each guest is present on at least ten percent of the photos of the report
* After lighting tests, wich to quickly identify in DPL which lamps are turned on and how they are positioned

Photos must be tagged with keywords organized according to the hierarchical method (group / category / subcategory / etc ...).
Example: Photographs | Animals | Birds | Goldfinch
These are the subcategories (third level) which are generally customized.

XnViewMP must be configured as described in the next chapter

- Selecting one or more photos. The "Categories" panel is activated (Click to see the video)
- In the "Photographs" group, select (e.g) the category "Friends"
- Right Click on it to create a "New subcategory"
- Check the box to enable this subcategory
  Create as many keywords (categories) that need

It It is possible to embed subcategories ( ... Goldfinch | sitting | flying).

It is also possible to delete the default groups. DPL will read the keywords but their use by other software cataloguers (if the virus wins you) could be compromised!!

- Choose a set of photos meeting a criterion and then assign a keyword
- Choose another set, regardless to some of the photos already has been tagged.

The raw files should not be modified, it must use software that can create sidecars in XMP format.

By selecting another photo (or set of) XnViewMP creates, along the way, the sidecars XMP necessary for DPL.

XnViewMP: Activate another photo to trigger sidecars.xmp writing
- DPL is updated
in real time.
  If necessary, select the current folder name to refresh the database

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Keywords Procedure

« Configuring XnViewMP

XnViewMP is a cross-platform image viewer (Mac, Windows) that reads "all" image formats.
It is also able to export XMP sidecars.

XnViewMP can be downloaded at https://www.xnview.com/en/xnviewmp/#downloads
WARNING the classic XnView version is not appropriate.

Configure XnViewMP according to the video:
- Close all the lower windows except "Categories"
- Translate it (by the title) in the left column
- Open Settings menu: Tools / Settings (F12) : Browser / Metadata
- Check / Uncheck the options according to the illustrationn

* Export DB catégory to XMP subject / Create XMP data
* Update or Create XMP sidecar : <filename>.xmp
* Write hierarchical keywords + Automatically apply parent keywords
* Export rating in XMP metadata (*)

(*) This last option is very interesting because it allows to export the rating (number of stars) given to the photos. DPL will display it in yellow because it is a rating of third party software origin. Ctrl+ 0 to 5 for ranking photos.

Based on the excellent french tutorial by Michel Miro "XnViewMP for metadata management" to perform this procedure.
Automatic translation by Google

Resources: Cataloging features in XnViewMP

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XnViewMP Settings


Efficiency with DxO PhotoLab - Appendix - Pascal Pelé - January 2019

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